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Faeda Flash

Faeda leather selections always available in stock without minimum purchase in prompt delivery

Faeda Flash, our exclusive leather service ready for delivery. Choose from the careful selection of our collections: a constantly updated assortment of items and colors, ready to reach any global destination within 48 hours of order thanks to our proven network of shippers.

Speed and efficiency are at the heart of our commitment with dedicated customer service

Faeda Flash is ideal for companies that need to make samples, for designers who work on exclusive collections, for craftsmen who make fine pieces and for anyone who appreciates the excellence, the color variety and prompt delivery, even for small orders.

We offer a tailor-made service that combines the high quality of leather with the versatility required by the dynamism of today’s market.

Discover our catalog ready for delivery

Our service offers a rich selection of fine leather for footwear and leather goods, adapting to the needs of every design.

The range extends from brilliant paints, perfect for bold creations, to delicate soft tassels, ideal for items that require a touch of sophisticated elegance. We offer a variety of high quality finishes and textures, ready to be integrated into unique and personalized collections, with the guarantee of fast deliveries from a single skin.

Or contact us for more information

For all your needs and for tailored advice, our Team is at your disposal.

Do not hesitate to contact us to explore the wide range of our products, receive technical details or assistance on the order: we are here to guide you in the best choice that meets your specific needs.

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