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We produce quality leathers for every sector

Leather goods, footwear, furniture and cars.

Italian tannery since 1956

Founded in 1956, the Faeda tannery has consolidated itself in the leather market for its craftsmanship and continuous innovation in high-end leathers. Its reputation is built on decades of collaborations with the most prestigious fashion brands, translating experience and research into a vast range of exclusive colors and textures. Faeda represents excellence in the premium and luxury sector, anticipating trends and shaping quality materials that elevate each of its partners' creations to globally recognized levels of excellence.


The best leather collections in stock

The FAEDA FLASH service is designed to facilitate the purchase of excellent leather, allowing fast delivery from warehouse with the freedom of having no order minimums.

With over 700 colors available for immediate shipping, each order can reach its global destination within 48 hours.

This service is a precious resource for designers, style offices, artisans and businesses of all sizes looking for versatility and promptness. FAEDA FLASH is the ideal companion for those who want to quickly transform creativity into exclusive creations.

Commitment to a sustainable future

At Faeda, sustainability is a commitment and a founding principle of our corporate philosophy.

We are actively engaged in the development of new formulas and production methodologies that aim to reduce the environmental impact linked to the creation of our fine leathers.

The goal is to offer our partners not only high-end items but also solutions that reflect a growing environmental ethic.

The elegance of our products goes hand in hand with ethical commitment, guiding Faeda along a path of responsible and sustainable excellence.

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