Environmental sustainability

We embrace the 17 UN goals to transform our future.

Gender equality. Clean and accessible energy. Decent Work and Economic Growth. Reduce inequalities. Responsible consumption and production.

These are just some of the 17 goals defined by the UN in the Agenda 2030 action program for sustainable development.
They are also our goals.

Among the pillars of the company there is undoubtedly the propensity for continuous improvement, resilience, commitment to a more sustainable present and future, more respectful of the planet and its wonderful resources, constantly remaining on the side of creativity and commitment to an integrated approach and concrete measures in order to address an important socio-economic paradigm shift.

Our leathers with reduced environmental impact

We only select suppliers who fully comply with environmental laws in the countries of origin.
We are LWG Silver Rated, and we are proud to be among the first in the world to have obtained, on two product families, a certification for low environmental impact leathers according to the UNI11427: 2015 “Low environmental impact leathers” standard, issued by ICEC.

We firmly believe that adopting a sustainable attitude means transparency and traceability of raw materials – in our case certified by the ICEC TS SC410 “Raw materials traceability” standard.

Maximum optimization of resources

We are developing new formulas that require a lower consumption of water and we have worked to create a new control system to avoid over-consumption in the entire production cycle​.
As well as we are studying​​ new formulas to reduce environmental impacts in each work phase and recover thermal energy from processes where possible and optimize liquid, solid and gaseous emissions. ​

We have also embarked on an important path also with regard to waste recycling: in 2019, 79% of our waste was recycled, in 2020 we reached 80% with the creation of a new data entry system on waste and emissions. In 2021, we aim to achieve 84% recycled waste by using recycled packaging materials and asking our suppliers to do the same.

Ethical business

Our wealth lies in encouraging our team to always give their best and promote a safe and fair workplace, always giving space to diversity and creativity.

Above all, we believe in the desire to create partnerships that help us grow and improve ourselves and those around us.