Maximum optimization of resources

We develop new formulas to minimize the environmental impact generated by the production of our products.


  • Use of water based chemicals
  • Studying new formulations to reduce COD


  • In 2020 80 % of our waste were recycled
  • Creation of a new data entry system for waste and emissions
  • Use of recycled materials for packaging
  • Leather cut during the production process and during the final selection is 100% recycled
  • New formulations to optimise liquid, solid and gas emissions


  • New chillers to reduce VOC emissions and to avoid shaving powders so it can be recycled
  • Last generation compressors: the water used is recycled as hot water inside the plant
  • In 2020 pre-heating water system: before water flows into the boiler, it is heated using the steam produced by the same boiler, this drastically reduces the energy consumption
  • Solar panels to reduce electricity consumption
  • Cogenerators in each plant to reduce energy consumption


  • Development of new formulations which need less water consumption
  • Water liters counters
  • New water control system to avoid any over usage in the entire production process

Find out more about our idea of sustainability

Faeda Sustainability (pdf)