Certifications UNI11427

Thanks to the commitment of our team, all leathers produced in FAEDA have a reduced environmental impact

We are proud to be among the first in the world to have obtained, on two product families, a certification for low environmental impact leathers according to the UNI11427: 2015 “Low environmental impact leathers” standard, issued by ICEC.

In order to define leather as “ecological” and with a reduced environmental impact, it is necessary to comply with the minimum product and environmental standards requirements of the production process in terms of chemicals and water consumption, atmospheric emissions, waste, energy consumption and the percentage of renewable energy used in the entire production chain, from raw to finished product.

The certification was obtained on two families of chrome-free articles: smooth calfskin and volanato calfskin.

Both families can be applied to any intended use.


Take a look at the certificates acquired over time LWG, TS SC410 and UNI11427

Developed with the contribution of NGOs such as WWF and Greenpeace, the LWG audit protocol is essential for assessing the environmental performance and systemic management of the quality and ethics of leather goods manufacturers, promoting transparency and an alignment on environmental priorities. While the TS SC410 certification guarantees the control of the tanneries on their supplies, mapping the traceability of the hides upstream.

Faeda LWG Audit Certificate (pdf)

Faeda UNI_11427 (pdf)

Faeda TS SC410 Traceability (pdf)

Faeda MdO UNI_16484 (pdf)

Planet capsule collection

A collection attentive to those around us

It is from this fertile ground that our Planet Collection is born. Chrome-free items divided into two macro-categories, smooth and milled calf leather, intended for both footwear and leather goods.

A collection attentive to those around us, which enhances and enriches every single phase of production and which aspires to a final product with low environmental impact certified according to the UNI 11427 “Leather with reduced environmental impact” and LWG standards.

Planet Collection best describes our values, our vision: responsibility and passion.