Our social responsability

We have adopted a modern Organization and Management Model, aimed at achieving results

Corporate Social Responsibility, workers’ health and safety, environmental protection, product quality, which have always been the founding values of every relevant production activity, are the basis of Faeda’s entrepreneurial project.

A reality that can count on a modern Organization and Management Model aimed at achieving significant results for the community and the territory in which it operates. A Model which, in accordance with the principles expressed in its Code of Ethics, acts as a fundamental safeguard to ensure compliance with all current regulations, and as a stimulus for continuous improvement.

Faeda is also equipped with an Integrated Management System, developed according to the principles of the international standards UNI EN ISO 14001, UNI ISO 45001, UNI EN 27001, which regulates, monitors and governs all the relevant activities of the company on a daily basis.

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Ethical code (pdf)

Organization and management model (pdf)