Our history

Our history

Always at the forefront in the development of new products and in the search for new color proposals.

In the leather market since 1956, thanks to its experience gained over many years of collaboration with leading brands in the fashion world, Faeda tannery is always on the cutting edge of new products development and new colours research.

Over the years, Faeda has achieved a world leading position in the production of patent, smooth and embossed leather. The company has also succeeded in standing out for its full-grain leather production due to its creativity and its ability to transform raw materials.
Using modern systems and technologies in all production stages, Faeda is the world leading producer of patent leather thanks to two patent machinery. Its internal laboratory can perform any kind of analysis of leather for footwear and leather goods, furnishings and car.
A team of experienced engineers, in the various manufactoring plants, settle all leather processing stages, which are monitored in real time.
Careful inspections are made throughout all processing stages and special attention is given to the wet-blue, crust and finished product stages.

The best solutions in terms of leather and hides

With its experience, Faeda can guarantee the best solutions in hide and leather and all possible types of processing. Fine materials and finishing ensure high-quality products for every sector.

Leather for footwear and furnishing, leather for fashion accessories and cars, embossed and patent leather, special effects and colours that are always up-to-date: Faeda can provide a consulting service and tailor-made solutions to suit all needs.