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Welcome to Faeda, symbol of Made in Italy in the tanning industry. For decades, we have infused passion and innovation into the creation of luxury leathers for leather goods, footwear and furniture. Discover the heritage and craftsmanship that define each of our creations.

Our History

The current composition of the Group is the result of a long path of growth and integration, which brings together tradition and culture of leather processing, deeply linked to the territory, and entrepreneurial ability.

Faeda Timeline


The history of the Group began in 1988, the year in which Compel was founded, a company dedicated to finishing for the footwear and leather goods sectors, which over the course of 15 years achieved significant growth, to acquire two other companies: New Castle (now Faeda New Castle) and Flora (now Bialpel), active companies, at the time of acquisition, respectively in the furniture and footwear leather sectors.


Starting from 2005, the paths of the two industrial companies described above meet when the Group acquires Conceria Faeda, naming it Faeda S.p.A. and placing at the top of this business aggregation the newly established Nola S.r.l., the current parent company of the Group.


In the same year, Faeda Flash was launched and, in 2020, the distribution branch of Faeda in Portugal was opened. Also in 2020, the new headquarters Faeda HQ, located in Via G. Pellizzari, is inaugurated.


These two entities later evolved within the Group, specializing in tanning (Faeda New Castle), wet-blue preparation (Bialpel). At the same time, Conceria Faeda, a company founded in 1956 in Chiampo, has developed continuously over the years, obtaining a prominent position in the market for the processing of patent leather and establishing itself as one of the main players in the national tanning industry.


In 2012, Faeda also acquired the Anzolin Tannery (now Faeda HQ), where in 2013 the work previously carried out in the Chiampo plant was moved, and in 2018 the construction of the current management building was started.


In the course of 2021, Faeda has carried out further extensions, both in Faeda HQ and in the newly acquired plant located in the same municipality, where Faeda Flash has been transferred. Ultimately, the history of the company testifies to a constant evolution, which led it to become one of the largest groups in the leather industry at national and international level.


FAEDA is positioned on the international scene as a prestigious tannery, specialized in the production of 100% Made in Italy bovine leather, destined for the premium and luxury segments of leather goods, footwear and furniture. The company, with its long history and deep roots in the local territory, has been able to combine the art of traditional craftsmanship with the most innovative techniques of industrial production, creating products of exceptional quality.


The technicians of FAEDA, equipped with a high-level specialization, work in harmony, exploiting years of accumulated experience and a sincere love for the art of tanning. This commitment is manifested in each of the leathers produced, thus ensuring not only an end result of exceptional quality, but also a distinctive experience for our customers.


FAEDA strives daily to support the growth and success of its customers, offering not only superior products, but also a careful and personalized service. Customer proximity and flexibility are fundamental principles for the company, which does everything to adapt to the specific needs of each partner, ensuring tailored solutions and constant support.


At FAEDA, the growth and success of customers are seen as a common goal, a goal towards which to work together with commitment and dedication. This is the promise of FAEDA: combining high-class Italian craftsmanship with efficient and scalable production, all animated by a genuine passion for excellence.



In operational terms, Faeda is divided into three main production sites, all located in the areas of the municipalities of Arzignano and Montorso Vicentino: the wet blue division (Faeda New Castle), which manages the processes of lime and tanning; the footwear division (Faeda Compel)specializing in the finishing of leather for footwear; and the leather goods, furniture and automotive division (Faeda HQ), which is dedicated to dyeing and finishing of leather for fashion accessories, interior and automotive. To complete the structure, Faeda has two direct distribution offices: Faeda Flash for ready-to-ship skins worldwide and Faeda Portugal, focused on the Portuguese market.


Faeda is positioned as a protagonist in the luxury leather processing segment, dividing its production into three distinct sectors: leather goods, footwear and furniture/automotive. The first two divisions serve international customers, mainly large fashion brands, which integrate in their assortments high-quality leather items. Over the years, Faeda has managed to gain a prominent position in the production of painted leather, both smooth and printed, also earning a solid market share in full grain leathers, thanks to his creativity and mastery in the processing of raw materials. The constant modernization of plants and technologies for all production phases makes Faeda an extremely flexible and dynamic company, always focused on the needs of its customers.

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In Faeda, sustainability is the backbone of our philosophy, reflected in every quality leather we produce. Each of our creations is a conscious step towards a more responsible and environmentally friendly tanning practice.


Our wealth consists in encouraging our team to always give the best and promote a safe and fair workplace, always giving space to diversity and creativity. Above all, we believe in the will to create collaborations that help us grow and better ourselves and those around us.

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